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first day of school

New clothes to wear, new teachers to meet, new friends to make – how can they not be excited for the new school year? I was somewhat sad that they would not see their friends from their preschool last year since this year we got into the class at the school that is bike-riding distance from our house. Of course, they didn’t seem to mind a bit. And it makes it easier to bring along a favorite toy – in Leslie’s case, the okapi and for Kadel, a little horse (of course).

the girls are excited for school

Kadel loves to give kisses…

sisterly love

ready for school

My beautiful blue-eyed girl…

And the lovely Leslie…

Enough with the photos, mom, let’s get going!

Sigh. My babies are growing up but I love to see how much they love to learn. The pride in their voices as they tell me some new little tidbit they learned (like “some lizards can change colors!”) just makes me grin from ear to ear!


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Last Saturday, we spent some time on Pearl Street Mall in Boulder and walked by a busker doing his fire-eating shtick. A few days later, while driving around town, I heard this conversation coming from the back seat.

Leslie: When I saw the man eat the fire, I FREAKED OUT!

Kadel: I didn’t freak out. I was brave.

Leslie: You’re more braver than me. If someone eats fire, I freak out.

Totally understandable.

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Well, hello there!

So, I’ve been a bit of a slacker when it comes to blogging and I’m determined to change that. Call it my new second-half-year resolution. 🙂 And what better way to kick it off then with the beautiful Goodson family.

Lisa contacted me in the early spring after she found out who took the photos on another friend’s Christmas card (me!). And it was my absolute pleasure to meet Lisa, John, and their adorable boys when I showed up at their house in May. This family was so easy and comfortable in front of the camera that I ended up spending twice as long as I normally would. I couldn’t believe that Tyler (3) and Jack (1) never got fussy or uncooperative once. I’d like to think that I helped create the relaxed atmosphere of our shoot. 😉

And now on to the photos!

The blue eyes were just killing me.

Tyler shows so much love for his little brother.

This is one typically active Boulder family.

From their house, we moved down to a park that was overrun with dandelions.

John showed Tyler how to make a dandelion necklace for his mom. Too sweet! And you can see where the gorgeous blue eyes come from…


And now for a little Lisa + John alone time. Boy, I would’ve loved to do their wedding!

Doesn’t this last photo just scream SUMMER!?

Thank you to all the Goodsons for inviting me into your home. Stay cool.

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Young kids with their perfectly smooth skin and their big honest eyes, how can you not want to photograph them? Maybe they’ll smile or maybe they’ll look at you like you’re an alien but no matter which, I can’t get enough of them. After the bride and groom, they’re my favorite subject at a wedding.

Prior to the ceremony, the ringbearer was heckling guests to sign the guest book. And this girl (I love her hair!) was just egging him on. So amusing!

I love this expression of hers right after she was reprimanded not to play with the flowers…

Moments later, though, she got to enjoy the thrill of petal throwing.

And you could see on her face how much she was diggin’ it. Her little sister was just mayhem on wheels (and I mean that in the nicest way. :))

So much seriousness in such a little person…

“Are you shooting with a Canon or a Nikon? Because I only smile for Nikons.”

Aaargh! The eyes! Resistance is futile.

Next up… the bride and groom. 🙂

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If there is one thing that my daughter, Kadel, loves above all other things, it’s horses. Her twin sister, Leslie, is also into horses but she is not quite the fanatic that Kadel is. Ever since she got to “ride” a horse in Montana at the age of 2, she has become fluent in horse-ese. Often she will be galloping around the house with her rocking horse bridal over her head and neighing and whinnying to her hearts content.

And then, last November, I discovered that our neighbor, Shauna, teaches private lessons at her parents ranch in Berthoud, CO. Ooh boy!

Now that the weather is warming up considerably, I scheduled their first lesson with Shauna this past Monday but I made the mistake of telling them about it last Thursday. For 4 days, every morning Kadel would ask “Is today a good day for horse lessons?” It took every patient bone in her body to wait for Monday!

After lunch, we headed over to the ranch where they met 23-year-old Fanny. First they had to brush her…

Not sure why this photo amuses me so…

Shauna’s dog, Roxy, keeps a close eye on the goings-on…

Of course, Kadel got the first turn…

Happy girl!Don’t worry, Leslie! You’ll get your chance…

Looking good, Kadel!I recognize that look on Leslie’s face. Shauna is about to become her favorite person!She’s a saucy one, she is.
While Leslie rides, Kadel hangs out with the super-friendly Emma.

Kadel made sure to say hi to all of the other horses on the ranch too.After riding, it was time to bond some more with Fanny face-to-face…and now some “cool-down” brushing…
Who’s a pretty girl? That’s right, Fanny, you are!I am irresistably drawn to fences…

Shauna showed the girls how to feed Fanny some treats next…

and then it’s time to bring Fanny back to her stable…

What a super-fun way for the girls to spend an hour! Before we left, we got to check out the chickens, the cats, and the miniature horses too.

And as a bonus, Shauna gave us a carton of fresh-from-the-coop eggs. That night for dinner we had some unbelievably tasty omelets.


And thanks again, Shauna! See you next Monday…

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