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first day of school

New clothes to wear, new teachers to meet, new friends to make – how can they not be excited for the new school year? I was somewhat sad that they would not see their friends from their preschool last year since this year we got into the class at the school that is bike-riding distance from our house. Of course, they didn’t seem to mind a bit. And it makes it easier to bring along a favorite toy – in Leslie’s case, the okapi and for Kadel, a little horse (of course).

the girls are excited for school

Kadel loves to give kisses…

sisterly love

ready for school

My beautiful blue-eyed girl…

And the lovely Leslie…

Enough with the photos, mom, let’s get going!

Sigh. My babies are growing up but I love to see how much they love to learn. The pride in their voices as they tell me some new little tidbit they learned (like “some lizards can change colors!”) just makes me grin from ear to ear!


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